Edusoft Technologies (P) Ltd.:: Software Development

Edusoft Technologies (P) Ltd. undertakes many projects to design, plan, build and implement work flow improvements for large and small universities / institutes.

The first step in any software development for us is to understand your problem. Custom software has the ability to deliver the ultimate functional advantage, and the right choice of software design specifically tailored to your problem that can provide significant Return on Investment, has scaleable design to �future proof� your business� expansion and good value-for-money.

We provide a highly qualified analysis to enable a software development that will take your operations into the future and beyond. Our consultants are passionate about the work they carry out and consequently have total dedication to the success of your development from inception to conclusion.

Our teams of consultants take the time to understand your problem and your current systems whether manual or automated, then apply in-depth experience to perform a process review. Our design begins with new initiatives to improve the existing process and capitalize on technology. Ultimately, a concise brief is prepared for review and finalization in conjunction with our clients. We believe it is important to work in partnership with you to ensure every element of your prerequisites is met by the design before the software development process begins. Our guarantee is an automated software package that will enhance productivity and quality of workflow throughout your organization.

Range of Software

Our custom software solution comprises of:

  • Client Management & Service Records
  • Work Flow Management
  • Document Management
  • Quality Control
  • Database Integration
  • Email and Internet Solutions
  • Management Reporting
  • Database Management
  • Publishing Solutions
  • Online Mailing Solutions
  • Employee Management
  • University Management System

Ongoing Support and Continuous Improvement

The support that our clients will receive for their customized software is clearly at the uppermost level. Our consultants are readily available, responsive and habitually go the �extra mile� to ensure our customers receive the professional level of service that they expect and deserve. Refinements and modifications can be handled effortlessly as you �live� with your new development. We also pay careful attention to ensure your business growth is incorporated into the overall infrastructure design.